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Nervous System Essentials

Befriending your nervous system, and learning tools for deep

nourishment, exploration, and self-healing

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Weaving together support
for your nervous system

This space will dive into exploring and explaining what's happening in your nervous system, and how the things you experience every day may link back to your nervous system state (ex: people-pleasing, using your voice, expressing yourself, showing up authentically with friends and family, fear of judgement, confidence & leadership, etc.)

It partners education with experiential learning, so you can really dive into what your unique body and nervous system needs, and the tools that will serve it most.

You'll experience topics like: 

  • An introduction to the nervous system

  • Somatics in business

  • Plant connection and somatics

  • Somatic ceremonies


You'll walk away not only understanding what can happen in your nervous system, but also with accessible tools and practices you can use as often as you need to help your nervous system feel resourced, supported, and nourished as you take on whatever changes, challenges, or creative endeavors life brings your way. 

In this space you'll have:

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