1:1 Soul Sessions

1:1 programs are customized based on what's coming up in your nervous system, and your goals over the next few months. Some signs you're ready to dive in are: 

  •  You know it's time to work with your body, and your nervous system, in a different way. You want tools to help your anxiety, to de-stress, to feel connected and balanced again. 

  • You want to get your own unique guidance, from your soul, body or guides. You might have an idea of something you want to do, create, or change, but pieces of the puzzle are missing. 

  • You'd love to release the armor around your heart, and learn how to create a feeling of safety in yourself.

  • You feel like something is holding you back from being your brightest, most authentic self. This could be anxiety, fear of judgement, fear of using your voice, etc. Yet, your soul wants to be free, in the driver's seat, and shining in an authentic way. 

  • You want to explore specific areas of sensation or pain in the body. This could be your heart, your throat, your back, really anywhere that you'r curious what messages it holds, and what it's trying to tell you. 

  •  Sessions can include nervous system nourishment, somatic healing techniques, Reiki, shamanic journeying, energy work, plant spirit connection, breathwork, soul connection practices, and herbal ally recommendations.

In-Person Immersions & Virtual Group Programs

Some signs you're ready to dive in
(and more info HERE):

  • You're looking to connect more deeply with your soul and your guides, and you feel that big energy is ready to move through you. You want to connect on an even deeper level. 

  • You want to release the fear around the taps you've been getting. The deep work has been calling you. 

  • You know your body, nervous system and energetic body are holding onto things that aren't serving you. You're ready to give yourself the nourishment you need to let in the new ideas, and step into the things you're meant to create. 

  •  You feel like you're stepping into a new version of you. A leader, a healer, a coach, a guide. You want support for the transformation on this journey.