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Nervous System Nourishment

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Does this resonate?

Did you know?

Recently, you've been:

  • Going through a period of change

  • Feeling like life keeps throwing you curve balls

  • Experiencing uncertainty

  • Feeling like there's some extra weight on your shoulders

Studies found that many people with chronic illnesses fit certain personality profiles. For example, they tend to pay a lot more attention to the needs of others than to their own. They also often suppress what are considered 'negative' emotions, such as sadness and anger.

You know there has been a cycle of overthinking and overwhelm.

You also know overthinking can be a form of protection, and your nervous system may need some support in the process.

Most standard medical textbooks attribute anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of all disease to stress-related origins.

Your body may need a space to interrupt the pattern of overthinking and overwhelm

This is a space where you can let off some of that emotional energy so it doesn't feel like it's churning inside of you, or getting pushed aside.

We do workout or training programs to hit a fitness goal.

Or nutrition programs for a health goal.

This is a place that allows you to try simple, supportive practices to work with your nervous system and that can be woven into every day life

  • 3 months

  • Monthly themes & teachings

  • Emailed prompts/activities

  • Three 1:1 sessions

  • Two virtual community gatherings for support and nervous system regulation

  • Monthly payments as low as $495 per month

Before being in this space, I was desperately looking for a way to a deeper connection with myself and my own intuition...but my anxiety kept getting in the way. As someone who does not have traditional-looking anxiety" in the form of panic attacks or hyperventilating, understanding how my anxiety presented in my body was a huge learning curve for me. All of my years as a nurse and in school never even touched the surface of what Sarah taught me in this space!

-Shelby Kurz BSN RN NC BC

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