You're the people-pleaser, the giver, the nurturer, the empath, the healer. 

And you need deeper nourishment than what the world typically provides. 

To understand who you are. To unlock your gifts. To re-fill your cup. 

You feel like it's your time to unfold, unravel, unwind, and grow.


You've always been drawn to helping others, yet some puzzle pieces have been missing. Maybe it's how to help... or how to gain confidence... or how your voice wants to be used... or how to support others when you feel so deeply yourself, and your cup feels drained so easily. 

My goal in this space is to teach you the foundational tools for healing work that I truly believe EVERY person needs to experience. To receive TRUE nourishment, emotional and soul nourishment, and use your own grounded, rooted structure to grow into whatever your soul calls you to next. 

Welcome to my world,

where mantras meet road maps

I'm all about connecting, and feeling into what you need most.

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Throughout my time working with Sarah, she always seemed (and still does!) to know how to ask me just the right uncomfortable questions to dive a little deeper and uncover the next layer of myself, while lovingly supporting me through the process.


Throughout the 3 days we were together in-person, she was able to truly tune into what I truly needed (even MORE)  to uncover to bring out more of my magic and show this world! I kept getting the nudge that I needed to focus on in-person events and how I could serve women in that way. Sarah knew this and asked me to lead our retreat workouts - which ended up leading to the BIGGEST revelations for me. They weren't anything like I had imagined, and Sarah had me trust that whatever would come through, would. I ended up combining all of my gifts in a way that I never would have imagined possible.


With Sarah's guidance and ability to create a safe space for me and our other soul sisters, I was able to open up to the messages my soul wanted me to hear SO LOUDLY. Doing this helped me take even more leaps of faith when I got home, holding my first in-person event and holding such confidence in my purpose that the event was sold out IN ONE WEEK.

Imagine getting on a call with someone each week that knows all parts of you, can completely call you on your bullshit whilst at the same time having the biggest laugh with you! Where absolutely nothing is off topic, like nothing! Where I can cry or act like a crazy hypo human. Where we can talk chakra clearing and budgets in the same call. Where the most important element is my soul connection and showing up authentically.

Before I met Sarah I didn't even know [my soul], let alone talk to her. I was so wobbly on my zone of genius and I honestly thought I could do things on my own. Don't get me wrong, I am totally standing on both feet and stepping into my power... but my mind is crazy and my gremlin is loud. Knowing that I have someone that cares and knows I'm here to create, even better than I do, is seriously the MOST fucking life changing experience ever. 

So, who am I to take you on this journey?

The breadcrumbs led me to this place for over 10 years. 

I used to be in the corporate world, doing marketing and PR work from crisis communications for a Fortune 500 company to branding, content and PR for startups. 

It all started with feeling burnt out. Feeling unhappy, even though I had a great job, amazing friends, and all the boxes were checked. I had a history of anxiety, and I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the stress and emotions that seemed to keep popping up out of nowhere. 

So I started taking care of myself in different ways. I was led to personal development and all sorts of bodywork  and energy work to help with my anxiety, which helped me identify the powerful inner voice that I now know is my soul.

From there, building a relationship with my soul opened up so much. It led to moving cities, taking care of myself in new ways, meeting new people, and ultimately starting my own business and hearing my soul's mission. 

My business started purely with what I was comfortable with at the time: helping with marketing and PR. I worked with coaches, yoga teachers, artists, healers, and personal trainers as they put their business out into the world. I helped with branding, messaging, content, business plans, and attracting clients. 

As I saw the women who were drawn to work with me, I noticed a theme. 

It was less about the marketing and business strategy, and more about helping them uncover their gifts as a healer. 

It would be about tools to connect with yourself. With your soul. To clear anxiety. To move through the emotions that came up. To create their own unique offers, healing modalities, and ways of making an impact. 

So, my work became wholistic. I learned new tools as I continued on the journey of healing myself, doing everything from an 8-month training program in shamanic, somatic, and herbalism work, to receiving Master Level Training in Reiki while studying nervous system practices and somatic work. Now, I'm passionate about sharing the foundational tools from all these modalities so people can use them for self-healing, and discover the ways they are meant to make an impact in the world. 

And the mission under it all: I'm here to help gentle souls step into their authentic self and truly shine. 


Your nervous system needs you.

Back to the heart.

Back to your soul.

Back to the Earth.

Let's connect!
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©2016 by Sarah Kleiner