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The Details

This is a space for you to step


       your soul

It's time to release the anxiety trapped in your body so you can feel more in-tune with yourself, and the guidance that's waiting for you.

You know you take in the energy of others, and you find yourself feeling drained or anxious far more than you'd like.

You know your body is storing anxiety, stress, and emotions you haven't fully processed, especially from the past.

It doesn’t sound crazy to you to talk to a tree, or to take a shamanic journey to a lizard spirit guide. In fact, while you may not have done it, the idea excites you.

Your goal is to put yourself out there, and start taking risks. Even though in the past, that’s been challenging for you.

You're feeling the importance of trusting yourself, your intuition, connecting with her guides, and becoming a clear channel. You just sometimes wonder HOW, and what you really need.

You know you have a larger calling. You often resist it, but the tap is always there.

You're ready to ​build an even stronger healing foundation, so you can be guided & step into guide others at an even deeper level. 

To this person: it’s time you override the anxious voice in your head. Something is calling you. You’re not mistaken, you’re not crazy. It’s okay to not know the plan. It’s okay to move off the known path. But you HAVE to take the next step. There’s no more putting it off.​

This space dives into foundational healing tools that provide TRUE nourishment, guidance, and grounded, intuitive, customized, structure. While you do learn practices from a a variety of different modalities, and understand the roots that serve as the foundation many different healing practices, what's more important is you connect to your soul, your guides, your body, and the unique wisdom, guidance and gifts that only YOU have.

Your nervous system needs you. Back to the heart. Back to your soul. Back to the Earth. 

"One of the most important aspects of shamanism is that within everyone of us is the light, the divinity, or the nagual. Each one of us has our own truth inside ourselves. The quest of the shaman is to find, live, and express it."

Coral Flowers

The Highlights

This is for you if you've felt called to:

  • Soul work/building a relationship with your soul

  • Nervous system nourishment & tools you can use daily

  • Strengthening your intuition and exploring your gifts

  • Moving emotions and energy from the body
    (this includes tools like self-bodywork and Myofascial Release massage)

  • Connecting with your guides/channeling

  • Developing a relationship with plants, herbs and the Earth

  • Ancestral connection and healing

  • Energy work and Reiki

  • Breathwork

And most of all, understanding your own authentic, rooted, connected path, and your own unique medicine. 

*This space also includes a business bundle, which will provide the tools to start developing your soul-centered business, or integrate these ways of helping others into your already established business.

The program has:

  • A deeply personalized experience, with space for your own deep healing, and to move through whatever comes up as we dive in.

  • A place to nourish you, your soul, and your nervous system as find your voice and build your confidence.

  • New tools and practices that you'll learn each month, along with group calls, ceremonies and customized 1:1 sessions. 

  • Virtual support, ceremonies, and sessions, with the option to add on discounted tickets for an in-person immersion.

  • A core belief of giving back. So many of the tools and practices involved in healing work came from indigenous communities, in all different cultures. There is an emphasis on education, respect, and reciprocity throughout the program. This includes diving deeper into an understanding of your own culture, ancestors, and traditions, along with a portion of all program sales being donated to non-profits that support indigenous communities. 

If you're feeling like this is what you need, let's book a call to talk details!

If you're curious, don't hesitate to book a time to connect